Service & maintenance

Even after installing any ripening, cooling or climate system, we guarantee the best aftercare and service. Our certified service department is committed to guarantee the maximum availability and highest operational reliability of your installation every day.

Service & maintenance

Our uncompromised client focus therefore always ensures you of the best service. With us, the client is still central and that is why we daily strive for long-term relationships with our partners. We personally always advise you to increase your operational reliability by concluding a service & maintenance agreement with De Laat.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

No system malfunctioning is ever convenient. It has an extremely negative impact on the quality of your products and the productivity of staff. Moreover, it will stagnate production processes. All in all, it is important for system failures to be resolved as quickly as possible. That is why our service department is personally available and deployable 24/7. This means that you will never be surprised with non-functioning systems and that virtually all failures both home and abroad can be resolved in the very short term. When concluding a service & maintenance agreement with us, we even keep an eye on your system preventively – in most cases, we can already see a malfunctioning coming, resolving it before it actually enters the system, meaning that daily operations can always keep going. Moreover, very often we can even assist you online, saving you a lot of time and money. In case this is not possible, our flexible service mechanics assist you on location on usually the same day.

The importance of preventive maintenance

Good maintenance of ripening, cooling or climate systems is key to operational excellence. This prevents your products from drying out or spoilage, preserve their quality and keep energy costs as low as possible. Our systems can perfectly operate for many decades, in case you ensure regular service and maintenance. With preventive maintenance you do not only prevent malfunctions, but also lengthen the (technical) life span of any installation. Periodical checks result in a longer and more maintenance-free operational lifespan with maximal preservation of quality. Likewise, expensive repairs or even replacement of the entire system will not soon be necessary. However, always be alert on the fact that all service, maintenance and repair on your systems are exclusively performed by certified professionals in order to guarantee quality and professionality. De Laat is in the possession of the needed NVKL-certification, and is being tested on this every two years.


Most of the time, we can assist you from a distance: a eestal kunnen wij u op afstand verder helpen: this saves you a lot of time and money. If this is not possible, our flexible service mechanics will usually be able to be present the same day. 

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