Working at De Laat

Refrigeration technology for many is a relatively unknown industry, though it has a great impact upon our entire society. Refrigeration technology is present everywhere: the banana coming from the supermarket has been ripened in a ripening cell, beer at the pub comes from a cooling cell, and the pleasant temperature at school is the result of a good-working climate system. There is barely a single product that can be made without the use of refrigeration technology. That is what makes this industry incredibly versatile, as it brings together all the aspects of technology.

Working at De Laat

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Why work in refrigeration technology?

  • 100% job guarantee and security
  • Outstanding salary
  • A very bright future full of opportunities to develop yourself
  • Varied work, with (if you want) projects to work on all over the world
  • Refrigeration is the so-called ‘elite of technology’ and one of the most innovative industries in the Netherlands


’Working at De Laat Koudetechniek is challenging, versatile, but most of all a lot of fun! Here, I really feel part of the family business, I definitely do not feel like ‘another number’. Refrigeration technology is definitely an outstanding sector to work in.'

 - Emilinne Pijnenburg, HR-medewerker

Why work at De Laat Koudetechniek?

  • A solid family-owned company where everybody knows each other
  • Many opportunities for training and education in order to develop and unfold yourself
  • We are also available for internships and graduation assignments
  • Je contribute to a better climate inside, while taking care of the climate outside
  • Freedom and challenging opportunities in order to make your ambitions come true
  • Extremely good primary and secundary working conditions

'We do everything in our power to design and install our worldwide systems as energy efficiently, sustainable, and climate neutral as possible. Achieving that requires a lot of technology, which makes it incredibly awesome to contribute to that goal.'

- Gerrit van Dalen, Project engineer

Getting warm for a career in refrigeration technology?

Please do not hesitate and call or e-mail us, or simply fill in the contact form below. We are both open to students as well as experienced personnel. Even if you are not qualified for the refrigeration industry (yet), but have a passion to learn, you are very welcome at De Laat! 


Apply directly!

Give Emilinne a call or send her an e-mail to ask for all opportunities on working at De Laat. Of course, open applications are also welcomed! 

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