The importance of preventive maintenance of a cooling system

The importance of preventive maintenance of a cooling system

Good maintenance of cooling and freezing systems is key to operational excellence. This prevents your products from drying out or spoilage, preserve their quality and keep energy costs as low as possible. Cooling systems can operate well for many years, in case you ensure regular service and maintenance. With preventive maintenance you do not only prevent malfunctions, but you also lengthen the (technical) life span of your installation.

According to the NVKL, the Dutch Association of organizations related to refrigeration technology and air treatment, most complaints occurring from a cooling system stem from the lack of maintenance or the inadequate level of technicians performing maintenance on the system. Therefore, one can prevent many problems from happening by preventive maintenance, performed by a professional mechanic.

A badly maintained installation can moreover negatively influence the quality of the edibles inside. Apart from that, such an installation will quickly increase your energy costs. In case of too many temperature changes, ice crystals can originate upon the outside of the food. Very often, this necessitates the need for expensive reparations and sometimes even complete system renewals.

For a longer and more care-free operational lifespan and maximal quality preservation, the NVKL therefore advises to carry out preventive maintenance yearly. By doing these periodical controls, your cooling installation will remain in best shape. Apart from that, there are legal obligations to which the owner of any cooling system should comply to. De Laat Koudetechniek can perform this maintenance for you or support you (online) in that.

Obligated leaking controls

As a result of the F-gases regulation, it is obligated to perform leaking controls upon your installation. Dependent upon the type of refrigerant used and the volume of the installation, any installing company should at least check the leaking density at least once every year. In case of installations with synthetic refrigerants (F-gases), the frequency of leaking controls is since 1 January 2015 no longer on the bases of refrigerant volume in kilograms, but in CO2-equivalents. This differs per type of refrigerant used and can have drastic consequences for the amount of yearly leaking controls for your installations. Please contact us so that we can inform you with the right information for your exact system.

Cooling system maintenance: safe functioning

A cooling system using natural refrigerants such as CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbon (propane) needs to be annually checked upon safe functioning by a certified mechanic. If this does not happen, one can expect high fines. Apart from of course an increased risk on a disturbed production process and lower end product quality.

Choose a NVKL-certified company

All checks upon safe functioning, preventive maintenance and repairs on systems using refrigerants can only be done by certified mechanics. NVKL is a strict controller on this. Therefore, always choose a NVKL-certified company to ensure quality and professionality. De Laat Koudetechniek is in the possession of the NVKL certificate. We are being tested by NVKL every two years, to ensure that we obligate to all possible regulations and demands. This is why we can guarantee a safe and high-quality end result.

Do you want your system to have a maximum life span? Then, prevent high malfunctioning costs beforehand. Switch to a certified installer for preventive maintenance. This saves you a lot of money and energy. As our service department is available 24/7 for our customers, we can either support you online or quickly go on-site in order to prevent any big(ger) problems from happening.



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