Cooling technology

Cooling technology is essential in the production and storage of any food. As a specialist in (industrial) refrigeration technology, we know no boundaries when it comes to cooling- and freezing systems: from large distribution centers to the restaurant and even pharmaceutical industry. 

Cooling technology

We are used to thinking big, while designing tailor-made. With almost sixty years of experience, combined with a modular structure as well an individual, client-focused approach, we can design and install every cooling or freezing system. Always being of the highest quality, most energy efficient, and most sustainable.

Pioneer in refrigeration technology: that is De Laat Koudetechniek. Because of our high-quality innovations in refrigeration technology, we allow our clients to excel. We do that by offering them the lowest operational costs, a sustainable installation, optimal end product quality, and a care-free collaboration. Because at De Laat, our customer focus is still uncompromised. 

Why choose for cooling technology at De Laat? 

Cooling technology is always and everywhere present in our society. (almost) not a single product meets the shelf without the use of cooling technology at any stage. That is precisely why we take our responsibility in this industry very serious: at De Laat Koudetechniek we always develop, build and innovate our cooling- and freezing systems by ourselves. In this way, we are able to guarantee the highest quality and the lowest total cost of ownership of every installation. Industrial refrigeration technology demands for a well-thought design, suitable location and an optimally performing system. Like that, products can be kept at the exact right temperature. We build installations for, among others, the pharmaceutical industry, meat processing industry, feed industry, trade of fruit and vegetables and many more. Every cooling installation is unique: that is why we always ensure refreshing customization. 

The lowest total cost of ownership

At De Laat Koudetechniek we offer a unique guarantee: the lowest total cost of ownership. That means that every (cooling) system installed by De Laat holds the lowest total investment during the life span of the installation. In other words:  our installations  take full advantages of residual heat, provide maximum efficiency, and take minimum burden on the environment. All of the latter provide you with the lowest operational costs. We are able to realise this result because of continuous innovations in energy efficiency and sustainability. The initial investment that needs to be made for a system by De Laat Koudetechniek may be slightly higher than that of our competitor, but because of operational savings in energy as well as maintenance costs, this investment is recouped quickly. That is our promise.

Industrial cooling technology demands a perfectly engineered design, a suitable location and an optimally functioning system. We always ensure refreshing customization. 

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