What does the lowest total cost of ownership mean?

What does the lowest total cost of ownership mean?

At De Laat Koudetechniek we offer a unique guarantee: the lowest total cost of ownership. That means that every (cooling) system installed by De Laat holds the lowest total investment during the life span of the installation. In other words:  our installations  take full advantages of residual heat, provide maximum efficiency, and take minimum burden on the environment. All of the latter provide you with the lowest operational costs. We are able to realise this result because of continuous innovations in energy efficiency and sustainability. The initial investment that needs to be made for a system by De Laat Koudetechniek may be slightly higher than that of our competitor, but because of operational savings in energy as well as maintenance costs, this investment is recouped quickly. Promised.

 Lower energy costs

Since our installations run mostly on natural refrigerants and the most innovative techniques, we are able to decrease your energy bills with tonnes annually. The more sustainable the installation, the lower the energy costs. Therefore, a sustainably realised indoor climate. How exactly we realise that, is always tailormade and a combination of different factors, such as the condenser pressure regulation, energy performance control, and the setup of the installation. We always optimize the balance between initial investment and payback period: this way, you can sensibly enjoy your sustainable system without the need for exponential investments.

Lower service & maintenance costs

De Laat Koudetechniek’s systems need very little maintenance. During the design phase of any cooling, freezing, climate or ripening system our experts investigate how to lower energy use. We do that by looking for the most efficient condensers and most advanced software. By continually innovating our technologies and with our preventive maintenance department, no costly repairs will ever be needed. We are able to watch your system online – from our own office – in order to prevent any malfunctions before they enter the system. In this way, your system endures for many decades and you will never be unpleasantly surprised.


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