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Montague Ripening Technology

This Australian ripener works with a unique concept in which independent ripeners can rent ripening cells where they can ripen their own bananas or avocados. As the ripening cells are therefore used by different people with different products, it was crucial to make it possible for ripening cells to be individually and remotely controlled. This way, each ripener can control the temperature, airflow and humidity in a room without having insight into other ripeners.

Each ripening process is concluded with a ripening protocol for the buyer, which is automatically generated by the ripener, specifying how and at what temperatures the products were ripened. 

Natural refrigerant is used in all ripening cells. Montague chose De Laat Koudetechniek due to the fact that Australian ripening installations consume much more energy than our installations. Preparing the ripening chambers in our own warehouse and then assembling them in Australia made it possible to realise this project on the other side of the world, despite logistical challenges.